About Us

The Kirton-in-Lindsey Society was formed in 1987, is a registered charity and a member of Civic Voice – the national body for Civic Societies. The aims of our Society are to advance the knowledge of the people in our area by the study and recording of local history, archaeology, industrial archaeology, topography, architecture, family history, dialect and local customs.


Holding public meetings, lectures, arranging tours, courses & conferences, publishing (or assisting) guides, pamphlets & books about our local area.


Joining with other like-minded organisations in larger schemes.


Exploring and recording sites of archaeological and historical interest in conjunction with professionals.


Helping to safeguard such sites and any other material against destruction or dispersal, and encourage its availability for study.



Securing the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic, natural or public interest in the area.

Our current membership stands at nearly 80, non-members are welcome to both regular meetings and special events.

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